Forest resources

The forest is one of the main national wealth of Belarus, the most important renewable and, if properly used, an inexhaustible natural resource. It satisfies the material needs of society in wood, performs water, soil protection, aesthetic and recreational functions, acts as a regeneration (renewal) of oxygen, obtaining food, regulating the climate, renewing fauna, etc. […]

The concept, essence and types of national planning

One of the main achievements of human civilization is the systematic development of society. It is planning that allows you to clearly organize, comprehensively justify and coordinate the activities of all parts of the economic system of society in order to achieve this goal. Planning can be seen as a specific form of social practice […]

The concept of "world economy"

The world economy is a complex economic organism. It did not arise immediately in a ready-made form, but a long period of formation, which fit within the framework of many centuries, passed. Currently, in the educational and scientific literature, two main approaches to the disclosure of the essence of the world economy have been outlined. […]

The system of macroeconomic proportions and their balance

The most important characteristic of the national economy is the existing macroeconomic proportions – quantitative and qualitative relationships between various divisions and spheres of social production, industries, territorial-production parts of the national economy. Each type of national economy has its own characteristics of the formation of macroeconomic proportions. In a planned regulated national economy, they […]