Double entry principle, errors and omissions

The fundamental method for compiling the balance of payments is the double recording of foreign trade transactions, which is based on the fact that each registered transaction corresponds to a payment in one form or another, and the balance of payments and receipts should converge. The double accounting system used in the preparation of the […]

Trends in regional governance in Western Europe

In most countries of Western Europe, unlike Great Britain, the foundations of state regional policy were laid much later, after the Second World War. The most active phase of development in this area of activity lasted from the late 1950s to the early 60s and until the mid-60s.70’s. The growing attention to the regulation of […]


It was noted that the total population of Belarus has a tendency to decline. This process is the result of the historically formed conditions for the transformation of the socio-economic system, the disaster at the Chernobyl NPP. According to the census and censuses of the population, since 1897 its number has changed in waves from […]