The necessity and essence of the transition period in the economy

No matter how different and called the historical stages of the development of human society and its economic systems, the transitions from one stage to another are always not instantaneous. They occupy a certain historical period of time and are clearly different from the functioning of an already established economic system. Thus, a pure liberal […]

The first stage in the development of sociology

The first stage (early 20s – mid-30s) was characterized by theoretical research on the means of scientific substantiation of social phenomena in the new economic conditions; The leadership of post-revolutionary Russia suffered a very heavy economic defeat on the economic front and consciously raised the question of a new economic policy, “On the economic front, […]

Iterative solution of the problem

Problem Statement Let’s assume that in the market of one product, the demand function D(t) and the supply function S(t) are linear functions of the price P(t) at time t or the price P(t-1) of the previous point in time. Demand function: D(t) = α + A* P(t),               […]

Dynamics of the commodity structure of international trade in goods

The world commodity market is divided into three main groups: the market for basic goods (agricultural products and extractive industries); market of medium and low-tech, mainly labor-intensive finished products and intermediate products; market of high-tech products. The first group (basic goods), whose share is constantly decreasing, is the market for the products of developing countries […]

Social policy in the Republic of Belarus

According to the Programme of Social and Economic Development of the Republic of Belarus for 2001-2005, in the forecast period the main objective of social policy is to ensure a sustainable increase in the standard of living of the population and reduce poverty. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to: to ensure the growth […]