Models of private economic equilibrium. Spider web market model

Spider-like model of market price dynamics. Assumptions and main components of the model All the theoretical constructions presented in this work are based on the assumption that the perfect nature of competition is that all households and enterprises act in accordance with market prices. In other words, we are talking about a parametric pricing system. […]

Determination of working capital requirements

The organization of the use of working capital in the enterprise provides for their formation, rationing, systematic analysis and ensuring the effectiveness of use. To determine the company’s need for working capital, working capital is rationed. Rationing of working capital is understood as the process of determining the economically justified need of the enterprise for […]

Sources of formation of working capital of the enterprise

According to the source of formation, working capital is divided into own, borrowed and attracted. The source of formation of own working capital is the authorized capital or authorized capital. Part of the funds invested by the founders in these funds is directed to cover the constant need for the minimum necessary production stocks of […]

Oil-exporting countries with high oil trading revenues

These are Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Brunei, Oman, Libya. These countries have very high per capita incomes, a positive balance of payments,  and external investment. They are distinguished by the low level of development of productive forces: more recently, the majority of the population of these countries was engaged in nomadic cattle breeding and […]