Primary Income Distribution Account

(current prices, billion rubles) 1989 1990s 1991 1992 1993 1994   Resources Gross profit and gross mixed earnings Remuneration of employees Workers Taxes on production and imports Production and import subsidies (-) Income from property derived from the “rest of the world” 231,8 267 139 64,8 … 253,6 314,4 147,1 70,9 … 725,6 610,9 152 […]

Market equilibrium. Comparative statics

In general, the coordination of economic interests between participants in a complex process of production, distribution and consumption is most effectively carried out with the help of a market mechanism that acts as a regulator of interrelations between economic entities. In the main version of the market, in conditions of free competition, the producer and […]

Small countries of "concession development"

The subgroup includes Jamaica, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Gabon, Botswana, Papua New Guinea. In these countries, large reserves of oil, bauxite, copper were found, the development of deposits is carried out by concessions of the largest mining corporations. The economies of these countries are largely dependent on the prices of the world market for mining […]


The image of modern civilization  is radically different from what it was fifty years ago. After the Second World War, despite differences in the level of economic development, all countries were involved in the world system of industrial economy, an integral part of which were the leading capitalist powers, socialist countries, including  the Soviet Union, […]

Natural resources of the republic and their problems rational use

Natural resources or natural resource potencies-In a broad sense, it is that part of natural conditions and natural resources that can really be involved in economic activity with the given scientific, technical and socio-economic capabilities of society without disturbing the natural balance. In a narrower economic concept, it is a set of natural resources available […]