Regional problems and experience of their solution in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of those countries with economies in transition that suffered greatly from the transformation crisis in the 1990s. If in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) as a whole real GDP fell by an average of 45% compared to the pre-reform level of 1989, then in Ukraine this drop exceeded 60%. However, at […]

Features of the implementation of current foreign exchange transactions

Current foreign exchange transactions are foreign economic operations related to the export, import of goods, services, works for which settlements are carried out both in national and foreign currencies in time, not exceeding 180 calendar days. All currency transactions are carried out only through accounts with authorized banks and authorized enterprises. This determines the priority […]

Modern features of currency regulation in the Republic of Belarus

Settlements between residents on the territory of the Republic of Belarus in Belarusian rubles are made without restrictions, and between legal entities, as a rule, in a non-cash manner. The use of foreign currencies and payment documents expressed in them for settlements between resident legal entities on the territory of the Republic of Belarus is […]