The concept, conditions and functions of the market

The market is a special form of organization of commodity farming. This is an objective phenomenon of an economy based on commodity production and commodity exchange. Every business entity and a person who makes any purchases or sales is connected with the market. Therefore, the changes taking place in the market are of interest and […]

Money: its origin, essence and theories

There are several concepts on the question of the origin of money, but the main ones are rationalistic and evolutionary. The first concept, which arose in the time of Aristotle, prevailed until the end of the XVIII century and explained the origin of money as the result of an agreement between people. Some modern economists […]

The first stage in the development of sociology

The first stage (early 20s – mid-30s) was characterized by theoretical research on the means of scientific substantiation of social phenomena in the new economic conditions; The leadership of post-revolutionary Russia suffered a very heavy economic defeat on the economic front and consciously raised the question of a new economic policy, “On the economic front, […]

Features of the implementation of current foreign exchange transactions

Current foreign exchange transactions are foreign economic operations related to the export, import of goods, services, works for which settlements are carried out both in national and foreign currencies in time, not exceeding 180 calendar days. All currency transactions are carried out only through accounts with authorized banks and authorized enterprises. This determines the priority […]