Countries of outwardly oriented adaptive development

This subgroup includes countries located both in Latin America and in Asia and Africa. In Latin America, these are: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru; in Asia, Turkey; in Africa – Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia. They are characterized by the export orientation of the industry, which is developing with massive penetration into the industry of foreign companies […]

Countries of large-enclave development of capitalism

The subgroup  includes Venezuela, Iran, Iraq, Algeria. The countries developed with the massive invasion of foreign capital, mainly in the mining sector of the economy. Unique deposits of minerals were developed, primarily oil in Iran, Iraq, Venezuela, oil and natural gas in Algeria. The peculiarity of the structure of the economies of these countries is […]

Features of measuring the national product according to Marxist methodology

Various macroeconomic indicators are used in the theory and economic practice to measure the results of the functioning of the national economy. A number of such indicators are designed to estimate the value of the total volume of national production. These include: total social product (SOP), gross social product (GP), final social product (CPC), net […]

The essence of international and global competition

The entry of companies into foreign markets is determined by four main reasons [15 p.212-213]: Attracting new customers. The development of foreign markets opens up opportunities for higher revenues, profits and long-term growth. This option is especially attractive in cases where the domestic market of the country is already saturated. Companies such as Cisco Systems, […]