Types of macroeconomic accounts

While the national income and GNP, state budget and balance of payments accounts record cash and material resource flows, the cash accounts are inventory accounts. Thus, the SNA accounts may reflect: Flows, which determine the activities of a given institutional unit for a certain period of time. Flows are carried out through operations and can […]

Principles and methods of zoning and administrative-territorial division of the country

Successful management of any large territory is impossible without its zoning, or administrative-territorial division, i.e. dismemberment of this territory into its component parts. The problems of zoning are especially relevant for states that have a vast territory, diverse natural conditions, and a large potential of productive forces. Among these states, first of all, include Russia, […]

Planning and forecasting of investment activities

Forecasting and planning of investments occupies a special place in the system of state regulation of investment activities. Investment forecasting is carried out for long-, medium- and short-term periods at the level of the country as a whole, at the level of individual regions and industries, spheres, complexes, enterprises, firms, etc. The main stages of […]

Features of monetary policy in the Republic of Belarus

The main goal of the monetary policy of the Republic of Belarus is to promote the development of all sectors of the economy, to ensure the internal and external stability of the national currency. The programme for the socio-economic development of the Republic of Belarus for 2001-2005 provides for enhancing the role of the banking […]

The mechanism and results of intra-industry and intersectoral competition in the theory of Karl Marx

Intra-industry competition is competition between manufacturers of one industry for the most favorable conditions for the production and sale of goods. Marx considered such means of intra-industry competition as lowering the price of goods and reducing the cost of production. Intra-industry competition is complemented by cross-industry competition. They exist simultaneously, so the separation of their […]