Psycho-emotional features of economic thinking and their impact on economic behavior

Economic sociology, interacting with economic psychology, considers a person who is economic not only as an individual thinking, weighing, calculating, but also feeling, experiencing, expressing his attitude to facts, phenomena, events, other people in the form of emotions. What are emotions and how do they affect economic (i.e., rational by definition) human behavior? Emotions are […]

Economic culture and its role in the regulation of economic behavior

This happened during a bilateral business meeting between businessmen from Russia and Tunisia. The discussion of the issues on the agenda took its course, apparently, in a rather tense mode. In the process of work, one of the representatives of the Russian delegation asked the head of the group for a lighter, to which he […]

Offer functions and their properties

The supply function S(p) describes the relationship between the market price of a good and its supply in an isolated market for that good. In general, it should be assumed that the product in question is produced at a sufficiently large number of competing enterprises. In such a situation, it is natural to assume that […]

Оптимальная комбинация ресурсов

Использование аппарата производственных функций дает возможность решения задачи об оптимальном использовании средств, предназначенных для приобретения производственных факторов. Предположим, что факторы (x1, …, xN) могут быть закуплены по ценам (p1, …, pN), а объем имеющихся средств для приобретения составляет b (руб.). Тогда соотношение, описывающие множество допустимых наборов факторов имеет вид: , Граничная линия этого множества, соответствующая […]

Isoquant and its types

When modeling consumer demand, the same level of utility of different combinations of consumer goods is graphically displayed using the indifference curve. In economic and mathematical models of production, each technology can be graphically represented by a point, the coordinates of which reflect the minimum required expenditure of resources K and L for the production […]