Building a model of inventory management in conditions of deterministic demand

Optimal delivery batches for single-product models The inventory management model in conditions of deterministic demand is a model where the intensity of the receipt of requirements is assumed to be known and constant over time. As is well known, in practice, demand can almost never be specified with certainty; instead, it should be described in […]

Key countries: India and Pakistan

stand out for their total power due to the billion population (1/6 of the world’s inhabitants), a huge economic potential, not yet used at full capacity. These countries have a large territory, diverse and rich natural resources, have a good scientific potential, and are nuclear powers. However, in  these countries there is a very low […]

Regulation of the services market

The growth of international trade in services, especially modern services, and the transformation of services into an integral part of the intra-production activities of TNCs have put on the agenda the need to regulate the services market at the international, regional and sectoral levels. To date, the current regulatory system operates at several levels, each […]

Incomes of the population and mechanisms of their distribution

The total incomes of the population, their level, structure, methods of obtaining and differentiation are indicators of the economic and social well-being of society. Their distribution has a pronounced socio-political coloring, predetermining property and social differentiation. The traditional dispute between proponents and opponents of government regulation in the area of distribution boils down to the […]

Strategy for industry leaders

The competitive positions of industry leaders are either much stronger than those of others, or dominant. Leaders are well known in the industry and use tried and tested strategies (lead by cost or through differentiation). Prominent industry leaders include Anheuser-Busch (beer), IBM (computers), Microsoft (software), McDonald’s (fast food restaurants), Gillette (shaving accessories), Campbell’s Soup (concentrated […]