Models of the company (manufacturer)

The company’s costs for the production of products, the task of their minimization Cost classification. Any production is associated with the costs of raw materials, electricity, labor, equipment, land and so on. Without the use of the necessary resources, it is impossible to create new goods. Production costs are a set of costs incurred by […]

Concept, types of production costs and production costs

A necessary condition for ensuring the production and economic activities of the enterprise is the use of economic resources, including fixed and working capital, industrial and production personnel. The costs of acquiring resources, expressed in monetary form, are called production costs. A distinction is made between one-time and ongoing costs. One-time costs in the enterprise […]

Economically highly developed countries of Western Europe

These include: Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Scandinavian countries, Finland. Due to their favorable geographical position, using a high level of skilled labor and accumulated own and attracted capital from all over the world, these countries have reached a very high level of development of productive forces. Their per capita indicators exceed those in […]

Mineral and raw materials and fuel and energy resources

Almost 5 thousand deposits and mineral deposits have been identified and explored in the bowels of Belarus. In general, they contain about 30 types of mineral raw materials (Table 3.11). Fuel and energy resources in Belarus are represented by oil, peat, brown coal and oil shale. The main oil and gas-bearing territory is the Belarusian […]


Delivery of goods is understood as the transfer of goods by the seller to the possession of the buyer in accordance with the terms of the contract of sale. As a result of such a transfer, the buyer is able to exercise full control over the goods. Delivery of the goods to the carrier is […]