Determination of optimal parameters of the inventory management system

Let’s apply the inventory management model discussed in 4.1 to a specific example, which is as follows: three types of semi-finished products are produced on the same equipment. The object of modeling is a warehouse of finished products, a system for managing the movement of stocks, taking into account restrictions on warehouse space and working […]

Regional problems and experience of their solution in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of those countries with economies in transition that suffered greatly from the transformation crisis in the 1990s. If in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) as a whole real GDP fell by an average of 45% compared to the pre-reform level of 1989, then in Ukraine this drop exceeded 60%. However, at […]

Calculation of marginal total costs from real source data

The real calculation will be carried out on the basis of the intersectoral balance for the Republic of Belarus for 1996 in the system of national accounts, Table. 6.11., 6.12., 6.13., 6.14., 6.15. On the basis of the procedure set forth for a conditional example, we calculate the matrices of coefficients of full salary intensity […]