The law of value - the economic law of commodity production

The law of value is an objective law of the development of commodity production, according to which the production and exchange of goods are carried out in accordance with value, i.e. socially necessary labor costs. It requires the reduction of individual working time to socially necessary, individual value – to social, as well as to […]

Sources and structure of public investment

The main sources of regional investment around the world are: public investment (national and regional); private domestic investment; private foreign investment; foreign state and interstate investments. Public investments in the region include: funds of the state development budget (republican and regional); investments of state-owned enterprises and organizations, ministries and departments, extra-budgetary funds, carried out outside […]

Trends in regional governance in Western Europe

In most countries of Western Europe, unlike Great Britain, the foundations of state regional policy were laid much later, after the Second World War. The most active phase of development in this area of activity lasted from the late 1950s to the early 60s and until the mid-60s.70’s. The growing attention to the regulation of […]