Production efficiency: concepts, indicators, ways and factors of improvement

At all stages of historical development, society has always been interested in the question: at what cost the final production result is achieved. We found the answer to this question in terms of the efficiency of production, the efficiency of social production. In modern conditions, the efficiency of foreign economic relations and the world economy […]

Limited production resources and problems of choice

The resources of production are always limited in relation to the various limitless needs of society. The limiter of labor as a resource is the total number of the able-bodied population of each country. The quantity of means of production is limited by the productive capacity of the economy in a particular period of time. […]

The third stage in the development of sociology

The third stage (from the mid-80s to the present) is the period of registration of economic sociology as a science of the mechanisms of communication between the economy and: society (T. I. Zaslavskaya, N. M. Rimashevskaya,R. V. Ryvkina, L. Y. Kosals), as well as the sciences of certain forms of human economic behavior in the […]

Investment climate of the regions and ways to improve it

Methods of measuring the state of the investment climate. To analyze the conditions for the rational use of investments in economic science and practice, the category of investment climate is used. The investment climate of the region is a generalized characteristic of the totality of social, economic, organizational, legal, political, socio-cultural prerequisites that predetermine the […]