Foreign trade of the Republic of Belarus

Currently, the Republic of Belarus among the CIS countries occupies a leading place in terms of foreign trade. The volume of foreign trade turnover of the republic is constantly increasing (Table 1). The export and import quotas range from 45-55%. The main export items are tractors, trucks, refrigerators, watches, televisions, bicycles, tires, chemical fibers, potash […]

Goal Setting

Setting goals translates the theoretical part – the development of a strategic vision and direction for the development of the company.In the plane of practical application. Goals are defined results and outcomes that need to be achieved within a specified time frame. The experience of numerous companies and managers shows that in the competitive struggle […]

Methods of state regulation of the competitive environment

Increasing the competitiveness of domestic goods, industries, regions and the country as a whole largely depends on the quality of management of competitive advantages of various objects, the quality of state regulation of the competitive environment. Currently, the most common forms of state aid and support are direct subsidies, tax exemption, state loans at preferential […]


This section contains guarantees to protect the interests of counterparties in case of violation of the terms of the contract by one of the parties. They are various kinds of sanctions in the form of penalties, penalties, fines paid by a party who has not fulfilled his obligations in respect of one of the contractual […]