Models of private economic equilibrium. Spider web market model

Spider-like model of market price dynamics. Assumptions and main components of the model All the theoretical constructions presented in this work are based on the assumption that the perfect nature of competition is that all households and enterprises act in accordance with market prices. In other words, we are talking about a parametric pricing system. […]

Theoretical, methodological and practical foundations of regional regulation of foreign economic relations

The development of conceptual foundations for the formation of an integrated system of management of foreign economic relations (including the territorial level), taking into account both the objective need for decentralization and the above-described inconsistency of this process leads to the problem of delimitation of foreign economic powers between the national and regional levels of […]

The concept, essence and types of national planning

One of the main achievements of human civilization is the systematic development of society. It is planning that allows you to clearly organize, comprehensively justify and coordinate the activities of all parts of the economic system of society in order to achieve this goal. Planning can be seen as a specific form of social practice […]

Socio-economic consequences of international labour migration

Migration flows have a significant impact on the national economies of the countries involved in these processes. In immigration countries, the use of foreign labor can mean the provision of labor in a number of industries. For example, in France, emigrants make up 25% of construction workers, in Belgium – 50% of miners. They create […]