International investment balance

The balance of payments, as indicated above, reflects the flow of real and financial resources between residents and non-residents. These flows accumulate and form reserves. Stocks arising from the international movement of financial resources are recorded in the balance sheet of international investments. The balance of international investment (international investment balance) is a balance of […]


The role of the service sector has recently been increasing in the structure of the economy of Belarus. Employment in it is growing at a fairly high rate and today accounts for more than 1/3 of the total number of employees. The service sector has a strong influence on the location of industry. Cities and […]

The theory of fixed parities and rates

The founders of this theory were J. Robinson, J. Bikerdaik, A. Brown, F. Graham. They proposed a exchange rate regime based on fixed parities, allowing their change only with a fundamental balance of payments. In their research, they used economic and mathematical models, concluding that, that exchange rate changes are a low-efficient means of regulating […]