Classification of production costs (works, services)

The heterogeneity of the costs included in the cost of production, by composition, economic purpose, role in the manufacture and sale of products causes the need for their classification. It is important for improving accounting, planning, identifying ways and reserves to reduce the cost of production. Grouping of costs by economic elements is made on […]

Business plan: essence, types, structure

A business plan is a document containing an economic justification for the development of an enterprise, the release of new products or the implementation of other commercial ideas. A business plan combines the features of strategic and current plans. It is drawn up when creating an enterprise or at turning points of its existence, for […]

Forest resources

The forest is one of the main national wealth of Belarus, the most important renewable and, if properly used, an inexhaustible natural resource. It satisfies the material needs of society in wood, performs water, soil protection, aesthetic and recreational functions, acts as a regeneration (renewal) of oxygen, obtaining food, regulating the climate, renewing fauna, etc. […]

Free competition in the theory of A. Smith

Adam Smith in his book “Studies on the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations” (1776), in contrast to the mercantilists, advocated freedom of competition within the country and in the world market, sharing the principle of “laisser-faire” put forward by the French economic school of physiocrats – non-interference of the state in the […]

Forms and methods of state regulation in context of world experience

World experience shows that even in a developed market economy there is an objective need for state regulation of foreign trade activities. At the same time, the state is called upon to protect the interests of its producers, take measures to increase exports in every possible way, attract foreign investment, protect the interests of economic […]