Economic feasibility of technology export

There are fewer barriers and constraints to the international movement of technology compared to the movement of goods and capital. Therefore, it is easier to carry out external expansion by selling a license abroad than to achieve the development of a new market by exporting products produced with the help of new technology or with […]

International technological exchange: prerequisites and economic feasibility

International technological exchange is a set of economic relations between foreign counterparties regarding the use of the results of scientific and technical activities that have scientific and practical value. The concept of international technological exchange in a broad sense means the penetration of any scientific and technical knowledge and the exchange of production experience between […]

Credit and banking system

The credit and banking system is a set of credit and financial institutions that perform specific functions for the accumulation and distribution of funds. The credit system of developed countries consists of central, commercial banks, specialized credit and financial institutions. A special place in it is occupied by the central bank. In the US, there […]

Essence, benefits and efficiency trade and intermediary operations

Transactions facilitated by resellers are now becoming increasingly common. From a commercial point of view, resellers include persons who are legally and economically independent of producers and consumers, trading firms, organizations that stand between producers and consumers of goods. In what cases the use of intermediary services is not only justified, but even a necessary […]