Market and market economy

The concepts of “market” and “market economy” are not identical. As already mentioned, the market in one form or another has existed since then, since which commodity production operates. However, commodity production and the market do not always and necessarily lead to a market economy, although the latter implies a high level of market development. […]

Consolidated income distribution account

For a generalized understanding of the reflection of the processes of distribution and redistribution of income and their results, expressed in the formation of disposable income of the economy, these processes can be reflected in the summary account. The consolidated income distribution account reflects the distribution and redistribution of a country’s income at the level […]


Japan’s foreign trade turnover in 2000 amounted to  $858.7 billion. (third place in the world after the United States and Germany). In terms of the size of the foreign trade surplus ($ 99.7 billion), it  occupies a leading position among other developed countries. The volume of exports in 2000 amounted to 479.2 billion dollars. (7.5% […]

Chemical complex

The Republic of Belarus has a powerful chemical complex, which has been created for many years. Since 1965, Belarus has been called the republic of big chemistry. The development of the chemical complex was facilitated by a number of conditions: the presence of rich deposits of potassium salt, oil fields, gas and oil pipelines passing […]

Theory of Comparative Advantage

From the theory of A. Smith it followed that the factors of production have absolute mobility within the country and move to those regions where they receive the greatest advantage. However, after some time, the advantage of some regions over others may disappear, therefore, trade will also stop. David Ricardo developed the theory of absolute […]