Social stereotypes of economic thinking and their impact on economic behavior

Human thinking is the product of millions of years of evolution based on the struggle for existence. In the process of this fierce struggle, the organization of thinking was improved, those qualities that ensured the survival of man were fixed and reproduced. Abstract-figurative thinking, capable of operating with classes of objects, developed, the conceptual apparatus […]

Classical theories of international trade and their evolution

The centuries-old history of world trade is based on the tangible benefits it brings to the participating countries. During this period, explanations of cause and effect have developed into concrete theories. The general theory of international trade gives an idea of what underlies this benefit from foreign trade or what determines the directions of foreign […]

The theory of floating exchange rates

Representatives of this theory are mainly economists of the neoclassical (monetarist) direction, who preferred freely fluctuating exchange rates. Among them are M. Friedman (head of the Chicago School), F.Mahlup (University of Prestones), A. Lindbek (Stockholm University), G. Johnson (Chikag and London Universities), L. Erhard, G. Girsch, E. Durr (Freiburg School in Germany) and others. The […]