Structure and specifics of the global services market

Along with the world markets for goods, capital, labor, there is and interacts with them the world market for services. A specific feature of a service as a commodity is that it does not have a material form, but acts as a result of a certain activity. The production and purchase and sale of services […]

Incomes of the population and mechanisms of their distribution

The total incomes of the population, their level, structure, methods of obtaining and differentiation are indicators of the economic and social well-being of society. Their distribution has a pronounced socio-political coloring, predetermining property and social differentiation. The traditional dispute between proponents and opponents of government regulation in the area of distribution boils down to the […]

Bank loan and its forms

The need for credit is due to the fact that some households and enterprises have temporarily free cash, while others need them. In a market economy, the main suppliers of cash are households (the private sector), and consumers are businesses. Their interaction is carried out through intermediaries: commercial banks, investment companies, insurance companies, brokerage offices, […]