Macroeconomic linkages in the balance of payments

Current account. In an open economy, manufactured products or GDP (Y) are sold domestically and partially exported. The amount of expenses is divided into consumption (C), investment (I) and government spending (G).Since part of the product is exported, its value must also be taken into account and added upon accrual. On the other hand, the […]

The theory of floating exchange rates

Representatives of this theory are mainly economists of the neoclassical (monetarist) direction, who preferred freely fluctuating exchange rates. Among them are M. Friedman (head of the Chicago School), F.Mahlup (University of Prestones), A. Lindbek (Stockholm University), G. Johnson (Chikag and London Universities), L. Erhard, G. Girsch, E. Durr (Freiburg School in Germany) and others. The […]