Types of macroeconomic accounts

While the national income and GNP, state budget and balance of payments accounts record cash and material resource flows, the cash accounts are inventory accounts. Thus, the SNA accounts may reflect: Flows, which determine the activities of a given institutional unit for a certain period of time. Flows are carried out through operations and can […]

Simplex method for solving optimization problems of linear programming

The simplex method is a computational procedure based on the principle of sequential improvement of solutions during the transition from one base point (basic solution) to another. This improves the value of the objective function. The basic solution is one of the valid solutions that are at the vertices of the realm of valid values. […]

The need to regulate international economic relations at the interstate level

Multilateral regulation of world trade at the interstate level has an increasingly noticeable impact on the conditions for the implementation of trade, economic, production and technical ties between countries, on their volume and structure. Multilateral regulation is an integral part of the world trade machinery. It acts as a means of facilitating the exchange of […]

Conditions of work of intermediaries in the markets

Sellers (exporters) and intermediaries in specific markets have different combinations of rights and obligations in relation to each other. The following rights may be granted to intermediaries: 1. Non-exclusive (not exclusive, non-exclusive) right of sale. In this case, the agreements of exporters with resellers may give the latter the right to sell a certain range […]

Structure of foreign exchange market participants (FOREX)

Four main categories of entities operate in the foreign exchange market: banks and non-bank dealers trading in foreign currency; individuals and firms engaged in commercial and investment operations; arbitration officers and speculators; central banks and treasuries. Banks and non-bank dealers trading in foreign currency “make the market” both in technical and organizational terms. They make […]