In accordance with the principles of building the balance of payments

In accordance with the principles of building the balance of payments, it is always balanced, which reflects the standard presentation of the balance of payments. The concept of a positive or negative balance applies only to its individual parts. It should be noted that the balance of payments alone cannot have an unambiguous interpretation in […]

Счета использования доходов

Завершающую группу счетов доходов представляют счета использования доходов. Они делятся на два счета: счет использования располагаемого дохода и счет использования скорректированного располагаемого дохода. В первом из этих счетов отражаются расходы на конечное потребление. А также величина сбережений. Однако расходы на потребление и фактическое потребление не одно и тоже. Фактическое потребление в секторах ДХ, ОГУ отличается […]

Additive model

First, seasonal deviations from the intended trend are found for each point of the time series, for this: – there are moving averages with an averaging period equal to L; – if the period of seasonal fluctuations is an even number, then the resulting moving averages are interinterfall and in order to obtain centered moving […]

Economic feasibility of importing technologies

By importing new technologies, the buyer usually achieves significant savings in money and time in comparison with independent developments in this area. Large-scale research and development-This work is costly, time-consuming, and the expected results are not always certain. Therefore, it is often easier to buy than to make it yourself. By acquiring new technologies, the […]

Competitive Strategy Development Process

The development, implementation and implementation of the organization’s strategy is a complex, multi-level process, often greatly stretched in time. Highlighting the mission and goals of the organization, analyzing the organizational environment, viewing the possibilities for choosing a particular development scenario, directions of strategic development and establishing criteria for the feasibility of one of them, monitoring, […]