Planning and forecasting of economic development and economic growth

The basis of state regulation of economic development and economic growth rates in the Republic of Belarus are the forms and methods of their advanced display: forecasts, long-term concepts, master schemes, development projects, etc. At the same time, state regulation of economic development and economic growth is carried out within the framework of the general […]

Strategy for industry leaders

The competitive positions of industry leaders are either much stronger than those of others, or dominant. Leaders are well known in the industry and use tried and tested strategies (lead by cost or through differentiation). Prominent industry leaders include Anheuser-Busch (beer), IBM (computers), Microsoft (software), McDonald’s (fast food restaurants), Gillette (shaving accessories), Campbell’s Soup (concentrated […]

Competition in segmented industries

In some industries, there are hundreds and even thousands of small and medium-sized companies, none of which owns a significant market share [44 ch.9]. The main difference between the competitive situation in fragmented industries is the absence of industry leaders with a large market share or a recognizable trademark. Typical segmented industries include the following: […]