Indicators of education and income distribution

The SNA examines income at the stage of generation, distribution and end-use. The income that institutional units receive as a result of their participation in the production process or the ownership of assets is called primary income. They are paid from the added value created in the production process. The analysis of distribution processes begins […]

Macroeconomic indicators of production of goods and services

The System of National Accounts (SNA) is a system of interrelated indicators and classifications used to describe and analyze macroeconomic processes in market economies. The introduction of the SNA in the Republic of Belarus is carried out on the basis of the Republican Program for the Transition to the System of Accounting and Statistics adopted […]

Determination of equilibrium output by iterative method

In the standard economic scheme, the subordination of the end and the means is established as: Facility (production)(reason) Purpose (consumption, final demand)(result) where the means (the end of the lowest level) is independent, and the end (the goal of the higher level) is dependent on variables. In the intersectoral balance, the opposite attitude is taken: […]

Gross national disposable income account

The purpose of this account is to show how national disposable income is used at the economic level for final consumption and savings; at the sector level – like DHS, OSU and non-profit organizations serving DH, distribute their disposable income between final consumption expenditures and savings. The resource part of the account for the economy […]

Strategy for stalking companies

Companies that are in the position of pursuers or secondary players have less market share than the leaders. Some followers, fast-growing companies that are contenders for market share, pursue an aggressive strategy to increase their market share or strengthen their competitive position. Other pursuing companies belong to the category of narrow competitors and implement focused […]