Economic growth and restructuring of the Republic of Belarus

Economic growth often depends on the structure of the national economy, i.e. the ratio of industries and spheres that have developed in the country’s economy. It is either inhibited or stimulated by it. The main objective of structural adjustment in the Republic of Belarus can be formulated as follows: formation of a sustainable, sovereign national […]

Search and selection of experts

The composition of experts involved in forecasting is a key parameter determining the quality of the future forecast, for this selection of experts it is necessary to pay close attention. It is possible to identify the initial circle of persons who are potential candidates for experts by publications, since authors writing about the object of […]

Conditions of work of intermediaries in the markets

Sellers (exporters) and intermediaries in specific markets have different combinations of rights and obligations in relation to each other. The following rights may be granted to intermediaries: 1. Non-exclusive (not exclusive, non-exclusive) right of sale. In this case, the agreements of exporters with resellers may give the latter the right to sell a certain range […]