Least developed countries

This subgroup includes young states of Africa, Asia, Latin America and Oceania, freed in the second half of the twentieth century from the colonial yoke. The list of countries included in this subgroup almost coincides with the list of “least developed countries” determined by the UN General Assembly. The criteria for inclusion on this list […]

General forecasting scheme using a regression dependency

In practice, not only the values of the predicted value for objects similar to the object of forecasting or this value itself in the past are most often known, but also other values that affect the predicted value or change together with it. In this case, they say that there is a connection between these […]

Features of the world market of goods and services

The deepening of the international division of labor, the development of trade between countries inevitably leads to the formation of a world market. The world market of goods and services is a system of economic relations in the sphere of exchange, which is formed between subjects (states, enterprises engaged in foreign economic activity, financial institutions, […]

IS-LM model and macroeconomic equilibrium

In the AD-AS model and the Keynesian Cross model, the market interest rate is an external (exogenous) variable and is set in the money market relatively independently of the equilibrium of the commodity market. The main purpose of analyzing the economy using the IS-LM model is to combine the commodity and money markets into a […]