Enterprise Lifecycle

The laws of dialectics indicate that everything that arises and arises in the future develops, transforms and dies. This also applies to such a category as an enterprise. An enterprise established for an indefinite period can function indefinitely. This period (life cycle) can be divided into certain stages: creation, development, reorganization, restructuring, bankruptcy, reorganization, and […]

Calculation of total labor costs, profits, value added and capital

Calculation of total labor costs. However, it would be wrong to limit ourselves to taking into account the costs of an intermediate product (services) for our purposes. There are still many factors that should be taken into account when assessing internal costs in full. Among them: the costs of labor and capital on production, as […]

Overall macroeconomic equilibrium

Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply Model (AD-AS) The equilibrium of supply and demand in the national economy is reached at the intersection of the aggregate demand and aggregate supply curves (Figure 8.2). Suppose the price level is P1. At this level, supply would be Q1 and demand would be Q2. Since demand exceeds supply, competition […]

Aggregate demand and aggregate supply: concepts, structure and factors that determine them

The section “Microeconomics” analyzes the demand, supply and price of individual goods in single markets. In the section “Macroeconomics” these categories are considered at the level of the national economy. Therefore, here the concepts of “demand”, “supply” and “price” are applied to all products and services created in the country, i.e. to the national product. […]

Basic competitive strategies

This topic focuses on gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage through a successful strategy and optimal value chain management. The study of the problems of creating and maintaining a competitive advantage is devoted to the fundamental work of M. Porter, Competitive Advantage. This topic is largely based on the material in this book. Consider also […]