Secondary income distribution account (current prices)

Use Resources 4.Current transfers transferred to the “rest of the world” 5.Gross national disposable income (clause 3 – item 4) Primary income balance (gross) Current transfers received from  the “rest of the world” 6.Total  (item 4 + item 5) 3. Total  (item 1 + item 2) The secondary income distribution account is important for individual […]

Determination of optimal parameters of the inventory management system

Let’s apply the inventory management model discussed in 4.1 to a specific example, which is as follows: three types of semi-finished products are produced on the same equipment. The object of modeling is a warehouse of finished products, a system for managing the movement of stocks, taking into account restrictions on warehouse space and working […]

Factoring as a method of lending to foreign economic activity

Factoring is a type of trade and intermediary operation combined with lending to the client’s working capital, and represents the purchase by a specialized company (special department of the bank) of the exporter’s monetary claims against the importer, followed by collection. Factoring is based on “discounting invoices”, i.e. purchase by a factoring company of customer […]