Time series forecasting

A time series is a time-ordered value of a predicted quantity. In practice, time series forecasting is most often used because of the availability of the initial data and the obviousness of the way to obtain a solution. To predict using regression or other models, it is necessary first, on the basis of theoretical ideas, […]

Checking the significance of the regression equation

After the regression equation is constructed and its accuracy is estimated using the coefficient of determination, the question remains how this accuracy is achieved and, accordingly, whether this equation can be trusted. The fact is that the regression equation was built not on the general population, which is unknown, but on a sample from it. […]

International technological exchange: prerequisites and economic feasibility

International technological exchange is a set of economic relations between foreign counterparties regarding the use of the results of scientific and technical activities that have scientific and practical value. The concept of international technological exchange in a broad sense means the penetration of any scientific and technical knowledge and the exchange of production experience between […]