Statistics on the efficiency of the functioning of the economy

Efficiency is a socio-economic category. Increased efficiency is expressed in the economy of living and materialized labor, saving that contributes to a better and more complete satisfaction of social and personal needs of economic entities. Efficiency is measured by the ratio of the effect (result) obtained to the resources used or the current costs consumed […]

Potential of the real sector of the economy in the region

The real sector of the economy of a country or region includes such elements as industry, agro-industrial complex (AIC) and construction. Objects of management of these industries, as a rule, have not only territorial, but also national significance, since many of them are in republican ownership. However, located on the territory of the regions, these […]

Labor resources and labor potential of the regions

An important component of the social and economic potentials of the region is its labor potential, which is the total labor force and the aggregate social ability of the population to work. As an economic category, labor potential reflects production relations regarding the reproduction of psychophysiological, qualification, spiritual and social qualities of the able-bodied population. […]

Depreciation and amortization of fixed assets

Fixed assets are subject to physical and moral deterioration. Physical deterioration consists in the fact that fixed assets over time gradually lose their production and technical qualities and completely fail, i.e. lose their use value. For different groups of fixed assets, physical wear and tear manifests itself in different ways. For equipment, wear is expressed […]

Economically highly developed countries of Western Europe

These include: Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Scandinavian countries, Finland. Due to their favorable geographical position, using a high level of skilled labor and accumulated own and attracted capital from all over the world, these countries have reached a very high level of development of productive forces. Their per capita indicators exceed those in […]