Total personal income

To calculate the total amount of personal income, it is necessary to deduct from the NNP the savings of corporations to add to the remaining amount all types of transfer payments. If all taxes were deducted from the amount obtained in this way, then the total personal income would be identical to personal income after […]


The formation and formation of the modern model of economic development of Canada was preceded by a number of historical, political and socio-economic events in the life of the state, which, in turn, predetermined the development strategy of a highly developed state. The period 1980-1985 can be called  The Canadian “Reaganomics”, characterized as the promotion […]

Factors affecting the exchange rate

Based on the theory of PPPs, it is possible to predict changes in the nominal exchange rate in the long term, when the economy is at the level of potential output, and prices are flexible. The exchange rate, as a price, deviates from the value basis (purchasing power of currencies) under the influence of supply […]