Social Benchmarks in a Social Market Economy

Since the economy must always be social, it cannot exist without a person and, in principle, is not needed, meaningless without him. This means, on the one hand, without people, the economy cannot function, the development of the economy depends on the quality of the person (people) himself. On the other hand, a person, the […]

Essence and functions of property

At any historical stage of the development of society, in any economic system, questions invariably arise: who is the master in the economy? Who owns the means of production and the goods created? Who has the economic power? The answers to these and similar questions should be sought in one property or another. Property has […]

Regional policy of the European Union

With the formation and deepening of the process of international economic integration in Western Europe, the countries participating in this association became increasingly aware of the need for joint solutions to regional problems, since the existence of serious differences in the development of regions was a noticeable obstacle to the further strengthening of ties between […]