Globalization and regionalization: prerequisites, essence, dialectics of interaction

The twentieth century unfolded before economists such a large-scale panorama of grandiose changes in the socio-economic life of the planet that their comprehension will require a lot of time and intellectual energy from scientists. Among the most important trends in modern socio-economic development, it is necessary to name such seemingly opposite in meaning, but at […]

Bankruptcy Prevention. Reorganization of the enterprise

Reorganization (from the Latin sanatio – treatment, recovery) is a system of measures aimed at preventing the liquidation of an enterprise due to the onset of ghosts of bankruptcy. At the same time, either the owners of the enterprise, or creditors, or other persons (including executive authorities) provide the debtor with targeted financial assistance, provide […]

The main types of world prices

World prices are prices at which large export-import operations are carried out, which quite fully characterize the state of international trade in a particular product. World prices change under the influence of market conditions. At the same time, changes in the value proportions of commodity exchange have a significant impact on the development of international […]

Nature, forms and trends of international trade

International trade is the oldest and most important form of international economic relations, exerting a decisive influence on the development of the world economy as a whole. International trade is the sphere of commodity-money relations, which is a set of foreign trade of all countries of the world. Foreign trade is the exchange of a […]