Production efficiency: concepts, indicators, ways and factors of improvement

At all stages of historical development, society has always been interested in the question: at what cost the final production result is achieved. We found the answer to this question in terms of the efficiency of production, the efficiency of social production. In modern conditions, the efficiency of foreign economic relations and the world economy […]

Limited production resources and problems of choice

The resources of production are always limited in relation to the various limitless needs of society. The limiter of labor as a resource is the total number of the able-bodied population of each country. The quantity of means of production is limited by the productive capacity of the economy in a particular period of time. […]

Market equilibrium. Comparative statics

In general, the coordination of economic interests between participants in a complex process of production, distribution and consumption is most effectively carried out with the help of a market mechanism that acts as a regulator of interrelations between economic entities. In the main version of the market, in conditions of free competition, the producer and […]

The influence of the exchange rate on international economic relations

Acting as a tool for linking the value indicators of the national and world markets, the exchange rate plays an active role in the MEO and reproduction. Using the exchange rate, the entrepreneur compares his own production costs with world market prices. This makes it possible to identify the result of foreign economic operations of […]

International regulation of bills

As noted above, the doctrine of formality dominates the bills, i.e. the absence of at least one of the details stipulated by the law entails the invalidity of the document itself. This principle prevented the widespread use of bills in international trade, since each state provided for its own requirements for the bill (a strict […]