Market type of economic system: market economy of perfect and imperfect form

Real life is always difficult to fit into the rigid framework of the scheme. Classification is a complex matter of science. Life often “confuses” it, making its own adjustments. Given this, scientific thought is not limited to the development of types, but is also engaged in the study of subtypes (species), which actually represent each […]

Determination of working capital requirements

The organization of the use of working capital in the enterprise provides for their formation, rationing, systematic analysis and ensuring the effectiveness of use. To determine the company’s need for working capital, working capital is rationed. Rationing of working capital is understood as the process of determining the economically justified need of the enterprise for […]

The concept of the world monetary system. The main elements of the world monetary system

The currency system is a form of organization and regulation of currency relations, fixed by national legislation or interstate agreements. From an economic point of view, the monetary system is a set of monetary and economic relations that have historically developed on the basis of the internationalization of economic ties. There are national, world (interstate, […]

Features of the world market of goods and services

The deepening of the international division of labor, the development of trade between countries inevitably leads to the formation of a world market. The world market of goods and services is a system of economic relations in the sphere of exchange, which is formed between subjects (states, enterprises engaged in foreign economic activity, financial institutions, […]

Types of checks

Checks can be classified for various reasons. Consider some of them. Most checks are written to a specific recipient person or his order. According to the method of indicating the recipient of funds on the check, the following are distinguished: personal – are written out to a certain person with the reservation “not to order” […]