System of National Accounts

Cause-and-effect relationships between the most important sectors of economic activity are usually expressed through the System of National Accounts (SNA) developed by international organizations. The system of national accounts is a set of internationally recognized rules for accounting for economic activity, reflecting all major macroeconomic relations, including the interaction of national and international economies. The […]

Globalization and regionalization: prerequisites, essence, dialectics of interaction

The twentieth century unfolded before economists such a large-scale panorama of grandiose changes in the socio-economic life of the planet that their comprehension will require a lot of time and intellectual energy from scientists. Among the most important trends in modern socio-economic development, it is necessary to name such seemingly opposite in meaning, but at […]

Depreciation and amortization of fixed assets

Fixed assets are subject to physical and moral deterioration. Physical deterioration consists in the fact that fixed assets over time gradually lose their production and technical qualities and completely fail, i.e. lose their use value. For different groups of fixed assets, physical wear and tear manifests itself in different ways. For equipment, wear is expressed […]

General demographic situation in the world

In the last fifty years, the world’s population has been growing at an ever-increasing rate. So, if in 1750 the world’s population was about 0.5 billion people, then in 100 years it doubled, in another 100 years it increased by 2.5 times, and by 2050, if the emerging trends continue, it will grow more than […]

Planning with Optimization Models

Optimization models are based on the selection of the optimal option from a variety of possible ones by comparing them according to the optimization criterion (s). The optimization economic-mathematical model consists of a target function and a system of constraints. The objective function describes the purpose of optimization and reflects the dependence of the indicator […]