Canada is a country extremely involved in world economic relations, it ranks first in the “big seven” in terms of trade participation. In 2000, Canada was in sixth place as an exporter and importer of goods (4.3% of world exports and 3.7% of world imports). The foreign trade balance is positive. In terms of […]

Chemical complex

The Republic of Belarus has a powerful chemical complex, which has been created for many years. Since 1965, Belarus has been called the republic of big chemistry. The development of the chemical complex was facilitated by a number of conditions: the presence of rich deposits of potassium salt, oil fields, gas and oil pipelines passing […]

Chronology of administrative-territorial entities of Belarus

Let us briefly dwell on the changes that took place in state formations and their administrative division on the territory of Belarus. VI-VIII centuries – on the territory of Belarus unions of tribes were formed – “princes” of Krivichi, Dregovichi, Radimich. IX-X centuries – these “princedoms” entered Kievan Rus. 1st half of the X century […]

Forecasting in the system of state regulation of the economy

An increasing place in the system of state regulation is occupied by forecasting, which can act as an independent form of regulation and as a scientific and analytical stage of planning. Forecasting is the process of developing a forecast built on a probabilistic, scientifically based judgment about the prospects for the development of an object […]