Factors of economic growth

Factors of economic growth are those phenomena and processes that determine the scale of the increase in real output, the possibility of improving efficiency and the quality of growth. According to the method of influencing economic growth, direct and indirect factors are distinguished. Straight lines are those that directly determine the physical capacity for economic […]

Basic concepts, meaning and organizational forms of investment and innovation policy in the regions

Sustainable development of the regions, increasing their economic and social potential are largely predetermined by the state of investment and innovation activities in the regions. At the same time, innovation activities are understood as activities aimed at the practical implementation of the results of research and development that increase the efficiency of methods and means […]

Local budgets and inter-budgetary relations as a factor of regional development

The economic basis of local government and self-government is made up of local budgets (regional, district, city, settlement budgets and budgets of village councils). In total, there are more than 1660 local budgets in the Republic of Belarus. The totality of the budgets of the corresponding administrative-territorial unit is the consolidated budget of the region […]

Business Models and Strategies in E-Commerce

The development of Internet technologies and e-commerce forms the economy of the future and generates new business opportunities, including the formation of the Internet infrastructure; leads to the formation of a global e-commerce environment. The desire of new and traditional companies to realize the capabilities of the Internet gives rise to innovative business models and […]

Internet Economy Strategies

A creative approach to the development and implementation of e-commerce projects creates tremendous opportunities to restructure the value chain and strengthen the competitiveness of the company. It is already clear that the Internet economy is fraught with new opportunities and dangers that require the study of new strategic decisions, which in turn means the need […]