Evaluation of the economic efficiency of the project

Evaluation of effectiveness should be carried out based on the interests of all its participants: a foreign investor, an enterprise and local and republican authorities. According to methodological recommendations, the following types of economic efficiency are distinguished: commercial (financial) efficiency, taking into account the financial results of the project for its direct participants; budget efficiency, […]

Features of investment activity

The investment activity of the enterprise includes the following components: investment strategy; strategic planning; investment design; analysis of projects and the actual effectiveness of investments. Investment strategy is the choice of the way of development of the enterprise for the long term with the available own sources of financing and the possibility of obtaining borrowed […]

Essence, types of income and profit of the enterprise

As a result of its production and economic activities, the company receives income, which can be classified in the following areas: Income from the sale of marketable products (works, services); Income from the sale of other material values; Income from non-operating operations. Income from the sale of products (works, services) (Other) is the proceeds from […]

Planning and forecasting of industries

In the system of state regulation of industry, forecasting, planning and programming occupy a central place. Forecasting the industry allows you to determine the main directions of its development with the allocation of the main aspects of activity: the development of the technical base of production, the organizational and technical level of production, the need […]

Basic methodological principles of planning

The fundamental principle of state planning is the principle of social orientation and priority of public needs. It assumes that the planning and forecasting of the development of the economy should proceed from the interests of the individual and society. The satisfaction of the needs of the people determines the people’s plans and forecasts. The […]