Balance method in planning

The traditional and most common planning method in economics is the balance method, implemented through a system of balance sheets. A balance sheet is a table that compares the availability of resources and their sources with the directions and volumes of use. Balance sheets in the economy perform various functions, are developed for various purposes […]

The main stages of foreign trade transactions and features preparatory stage

The execution (implementation) of any foreign trade transaction consists of the following main stages: 1. Preparation for the conclusion of the contract. 2. Conclusion of the contract on certain conditions. 3. Execution of the contract: preparation of the goods for delivery, delivery of the goods to the buyer, acceptance of the goods and settlements for […]

market factors

In the case of a fixed exchange rate, the activities of speculators in the foreign exchange market depend on the degree of trust in the government. If they are convinced that the government does not have sufficient reserves to maintain a weakening currency, speculation against this currency will increase, which will accelerate its devaluation. If […]