Private Equity

Direct investments are the first group of items in the financial account of the balance of payments. Direct investment – a group of items of the financial account of the balance of payments, reflecting the stable influence of an institutional unit – a resident of one economy (direct investor) on an institutional unit – a […]

General and specific patterns of transition economy

Despite the differences in the types of transition periods, it is possible to identify their most general patterns, which are inherent in any transition period in economic development. General regularities can be considered: combination of old and new elements and forms; economic disequilibrium with a possible slide into the general crisis state; the growth of […]

Types of transition periods

Transition periods are not a new phenomenon in the history of socio-economic development. There have been such periods before. It gives the ability to raise the question of the types of transition periods, their classification. Classification in science requires the allocation of the criterion by which it is carried out. However, the study of very […]

The second stage in the development of sociology

The second stage in the development of sociology (it lasted until the early 80s) is characterized by the rapid deployment of various studies in the country and the republic, the vast majority of which were conducted at the “junction” of economics and sociology. These are studies of labor mobility (turnover, migration, intersectoral movements), the attitude […]

Consumption, savings, investments in the system of macroeconomic equilibrium

As already noted, consumption and investment are important components of aggregate demand, with savings having a significant impact on investment. Investment is usually understood as the use of savings in order to create new production capacities and capital assets. When determining the content of investments, economic and financial aspects are usually distinguished. The economic content […]