Curves of indifference. Solving the problem of the optimal choice of the consumer

The basis for the study of personal consumption (individual consumers and households) are indifference curves. The indifference curve is a line, each point of which represents such a combination of two goods that the consumer does not care which of them to choose. Indifference curves graphically reflect the consumer’s system of preferences. For the convenience […]

Transport infrastructure of the regions and its development

An important part of the infrastructure of the regions is transport. The rhythmicity and efficiency of all enterprises of the region, as well as the state of its social sphere, depend on its effective functioning. In modern conditions, the transport complex is also the basis for the economic integration of regions, their inclusion in the […]

Small countries "landlords"

include more than a dozen countries located on the islands and in coastal areas at the crossroads of the most important transport routes. This subgroup also includes colonies, for example: Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, the Virgin Islands, Martinique, Guadeloupe, New Caledonia, etc. This subgroup includes the countries  of the “tax haven”, they are also called […]

Features of the global technology market

The world technology market is a system of economic relations in the field of exchange of scientific and technical knowledge, which can be presented both in materialized and non-materialized form. The subjects of the world technology market are government agencies, research institutes and educational institutions, industrial companies and small innovative firms, as well as individuals […]

Reasons for changes in the structure of competition and the external environment

Each industry has its own development trends and its own characteristics. Industry conditions and competition change under the influence of various forces and factors. The main drivers of competition are: changes in the long-term trends of economic growth of the industry; changes in the composition of consumers, the introduction of new products; entering or leaving […]