Psycho-emotional features of economic thinking and their impact on economic behavior

Economic sociology, interacting with economic psychology, considers a person who is economic not only as an individual thinking, weighing, calculating, but also feeling, experiencing, expressing his attitude to facts, phenomena, events, other people in the form of emotions. What are emotions and how do they affect economic (i.e., rational by definition) human behavior? Emotions are […]

Economic culture and its role in the regulation of economic behavior

This happened during a bilateral business meeting between businessmen from Russia and Tunisia. The discussion of the issues on the agenda took its course, apparently, in a rather tense mode. In the process of work, one of the representatives of the Russian delegation asked the head of the group for a lighter, to which he […]

The second stage in the development of sociology

The second stage in the development of sociology (it lasted until the early 80s) is characterized by the rapid deployment of various studies in the country and the republic, the vast majority of which were conducted at the “junction” of economics and sociology. These are studies of labor mobility (turnover, migration, intersectoral movements), the attitude […]