Economic growth and restructuring of the Republic of Belarus

Economic growth often depends on the structure of the national economy, i.e. the ratio of industries and spheres that have developed in the country’s economy. It is either inhibited or stimulated by it. The main objective of structural adjustment in the Republic of Belarus can be formulated as follows: formation of a sustainable, sovereign national […]

National wealth statistics

The most important indicator characterizing the economic power of the country is national wealth. National wealth is a set of material goods accumulated in society as a result of the previous labor of people, and natural resources suitable for use. The composition of national wealth should include the totality of the country’s resources (economic assets), […]


One of the most important forms of foreign economic relations for the UK is the export of capital. In terms of direct foreign investment, the country ranks third after the United States and Japan. Profits from the export of capital are twice as high as commodity exports. The geography of capital exports has changed significantly. […]