The essence and forms of manifestation of the socio-economic law of competition

What drives the development of large-scale industry of the capitalist economy? What makes it necessary to constantly revolutionize the division of labor and thereby radically change its content? What, finally, serves as a catalyst for the interaction of the laws of division and change of labor? What is the source of the constant emergence and […]

National economy as an economic category

The national economy is a system of social reproduction that has historically developed within certain territorial boundaries. The material basis of the national economy is the totality of the productive forces united in the industry. Thus, the category of “national economy” is revealed through such categories as “productive forces”, “industries”, “intersectoral complexes”. Productive forces are […]

Free economic zones in the Republic of Belarus

The process of creating free economic zones in the Republic of Belarus began relatively recently. In accordance with the national “Concept for the organization of free (special) economic zones in the territory of the Republic of Belarus”, the creation of FEZs is considered as an important link in the implementation of the principles of an […]