Labor productivity and its impact on the economy of the enterprise

Labor productivity is the effectiveness of useful concrete labor, which characterizes the effectiveness of the expedient production activity of the employees of the enterprise for a certain period of time (hour, day, month, year). Labor productivity is one of the main indicators for assessing the effectiveness of the enterprise. In general, labor productivity is measured […]


The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is located in the British Isles. It is the most extensive archipelago in Europe. It includes two large islands – Great Britain and Ireland, separated by the Irish Sea, and another 5 thousand small islands, among which three groups of islands in the north stand out: […]

Free Economic Zones

Modern international economic relations cannot be imagined without investing capital in free (or special) economic zones (FEZs). Today, there are about 4,000 different types of free economic zones in the world, which indicates the huge popularity of such economic entities in the world. SEZs play an important role in stimulating foreign economic relations and are […]

Economic feasibility of importing technologies

By importing new technologies, the buyer usually achieves significant savings in money and time in comparison with independent developments in this area. Large-scale research and development-This work is costly, time-consuming, and the expected results are not always certain. Therefore, it is often easier to buy than to make it yourself. By acquiring new technologies, the […]